What To Make Of Jared Sullinger

       Front offices have a hefty decision to weigh when their team is on the clock and two-time Ohio State All-American Jared Sullinger is on the board still. In the past two college seasons, there was no player with a higher-level of productivity as he wrapped up his career: averages of 17.3 points shooting 53 percent from the field with 9.7 rebounds and a plus-minus court rating in the national top four each year. His skill set is still developing as Sullinger showed off his power backing down defenders in the post and a soft touch from the outside. Statistical analysts love him and project him to be the second-most productive player in the Draft (next to Anthony Davis).

        At the same time, his power game project as well to the next level as Sullinger just tipped the measurements at 6'9" in shoes and weighed in at 268 pounds, the second-heaviest power forward (behind Cincinnati's Yancy Gates), but that was expected. His below-average-to-mediocre athleticism was half-expected as well, with a 31" vert and 12.77 lane agility time. We were more than surprised by his measly 9 bench press reps as the husky Sullinger was bested by nearly all power forward prospects in this field.

        And now, adding to the projection, Sullinger has been medically red-flagged by NBA doctors over concerns with his back. According to Jared's father, it's a bulging disk in his lower back caused by his hamstring and quad injuries that hampered him throughout a sophomore season.

        Sullinger did not test well as expected and is now showing a cause for concern with his concern, but he should still be expected to go between 10-14 in that late-lottery, mid-first round range.

By NBA-DRAFT.com Staff Writer - 6-18-12