#00 Rashad Madden  | G

Hometown: Lepanto, AR

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 178

Position: Shooting Guard

Team: Arkansas

Class: Sophomore

Right-handed… Madden's size at 6'5" and skill set make him a versatile backcourt commodity with the ability to play the point, but also off the ball as well. He is a combo-guard with great size, athleticism and play-making ability, making him a difficult match-up all-around. He has top-notch quickness to take his defender off-the-dribble and get all the way to the rim in the halfcourt setting, while he is one of the top threats in his class in the open floor. He pushes the ball at will and as much as he can take it from baseline to baseline, he has the court vision to distribute the ball along the way. He has a tight handle, working in low-crossovers and excellent hesitation dribbles to create space. With his size, Madden can pull-up and knock down mid-range shots over smaller defenders… With his size and quickness, Madden can defend three positions, but is more adept at pressuring the 1s and 2s…

Madden will need to learn to control his dribble a bit more- too often, he keeps the ball a little too high for his own good, especially when pushing the tempo. Because he plays with the ball a bit too high, combined with his long, lean frame, Madden can get pushed off his dribble and manned-up with a physical defender. He struggles to play through contact at times… He is a drive-first combo-guard who will have defenders sag off of him, taking away his penetration and the lane if he isn't a more consistent perimeter shooter…
The Scouting Report: